About the Administrator

“My interest in spiritual healing and development began in 1969. My wife Margaret and I hosted many group meetings in pursuit of the knowledge of the Ascended Masters and personal development. We were among the first Kofutu students in 1981.

I began in 1987 to develop a new program for Kofutu distribution, through an exclusive agreement with the author.  I am the administrator and publisher of Kofutu Touch Healing, Kofutu Absent Formula Healing; levels one through six and Kofutu Formula Master Training. Now that the author and channel of Kofutu has moved on to other works, the energy connection with Master Tamarasha has been transferred to me.

Our world keeps changing in a way that compels us to look at ourselves differently. The time for a new peace, new understanding and deeper forgiveness is here. We are truly blessed to have the tools offered in Kofutu to help prepare ourselves for these changes.  We have the opportunity to heal ourselves, our companions and the world around us.”

Thank you for your interest in Kofutu.

May peace be with you,

Kenneth Frank Rice

Kofutu Administrator