About Kofutu

Kofutu Touch Healing is the systematic use of higher consciousness energy symbols for the purpose of self-development and healing. This book is a perfect starting point for getting familiar with Kofutu. You can learn to heal yourself and others with in-person techniques using the Kofutu Symbols.

This Sunlight Publishing edition was originally published as KOFUTU Touch Healing by KOFUTU Inc. Wayzata, Minnesota, 1982.

Chapter 1: Spiritual Healing

Chapter 2: Higher Consciousness Energy Symbols

Chapter 3: Use of Symbols for Self-development

Chapter 4: Use of Symbols for Healing

Chapter 5: Use of Symbols for Universal Healing

Who Is Using Kofutu?

People in all walks of life are using Kofutu. It can be used for oneself or for the benefit of others. A Kofutu healing takes only minutes and is easily integrated with other growth and healing methods and concepts.

In addition, many professionals are using Kofutu in their practices. Doctors, nurses, chiropractors, psychotherapists, massage therapists and other holistic practitioners are using Kofutu to enhance their clients’ spiritual healing and growth process.

How Does Kofutu Work?

Anyone can learn to use the Kofutu techniques because the healing action emanates from the use of symbols rather than from the healer. No prior knowledge or experience with spiritual or psychic healing or growth concepts is required.

In Kofutu Touch Healing, the hands are used to connect the energy inherent in the symbols with the energy channels in the body. This process can bring immediate inner centering and release from pain, both physical and emotional. It usually produces a deep sense of relaxation. The Kofutu symbols allow growth and healing to be unaffected by the healer’s state of health and well-being.

Kofutu Absent Healing does not require the physical presence of the healing recipient. There are a variety of techniques for facilitating healing for individuals, groups, animals, plants and machines. There are also provisions for healing the planet and promoting world peace.